Sleep Sessions
with Dr. Michael Breus

A Journey To A Better Night’s Sleep

Welcome to The Post Ranch Sleep Program. As part of the program, you are invited to watch and enjoy Sleep Sessions, with Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, DABSM. Created exclusively for Post Ranch, Sleep Sessions offers an extensive understanding of sleep from A to Z and is yours to enjoy while at Post Ranch or at home after your stay.

Throughout the seven-part, on-demand video series, Dr. Breus provides countless useful take-a-ways to incorporate into your routine to improve your sleep, along with an array of tips to personalize your sleep for your optimal well-being, empowering you to enjoy more vitality throughout your day. The videos may be watched in any order you wish. Enjoy and sweet dreams…

Introduction To Sleep Sessions

Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D, DABSM welcomes you to The Post Ranch Sleep Program and his exclusive Sleep Sessions video series. The videos are yours to enjoy while at Post Ranch or at home after your stay.

The Science of Sleep

In this session, Dr. Breus discusses the science behind your sleep patterns. Learn about drive and circadian rhythm as well as the different stages of sleep. Finally, learn how adenosine and caffeine affect your ability to sleep.

Early Bird or Night Owl? What’s Your Chronotype?

We’re all familiar with the phrases “early bird” and “night owl.” Everyone’s daily schedules work differently because our bodies all work differently. Learn about the different chronotypes and which one you may be as well as how to calculate your generic bedtime and why getting 8 hours of sleep is a myth. 

Sleep Compatibility – When To Have Great Sex

Dr. Breus walks you through how to determine the the best time to have great sex as well as how to navigate the challenges of differing chronotypes and differing schedules between you and your partner. 

What’s Your Routine?

Learn about routines in both the morning and at night, and how the impact the quality and quantity of sleep you get each night. Dr. Breus provides tips and tricks on how to tweak those routines to optimize your sleep patterns.

Your Sleep, Your Food, Your Weight

How does sleep affect your weight loss or gain? Learn all about the way food plays a role in sleep as well as what foods, vitamins and minerals are best for a good night’s sleep.

Travel And Sleep

Traveling can often wreak havoc on our internal clocks and our ability to sleep. In this session, Dr. Breus discusses the best ways to get a good night sleep on your first night in a hotel as well as tips on how to successfully manage jet lag across multiple time zones.

Bonus Session: Bio-Hacks For Better Sleep

In this special bonus session, Dr. Breus shares his best sleep tips and tricks.

Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor

Dr. Michael Breus

Dubbed “The Sleep Doctor™”, Michael J. Breus, is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Board-certified, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, he is one of only 168 psychologists worldwide with his credentials and distinction. Recently named the Top Sleep Specialist in California by Reader’s Digest, he is one of the 10 most influential people in sleep.

In addition, Dr. Breus is the author of three bestsellers including “The Power of When”, The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lost Weight Through Better Sleep” and “GOOD NIGHT: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health”. For more than 14 years, Dr. Breus served as the Sleep Expert for WebMD. He writes The Insomnia Blog and has appears regularly on CNN, Oprah, The View, Anderson Cooper, Sirius XM Radio, and Sharecare. He is frequently featured in The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, WSJ, NYT, and the Washington Post.