Post Ranch is fully accessible by car from both the north and the south. From the north (Monterey/Carmel area), Post Ranch is completely accessible via Highway 1. For guests traveling from Southern California, an alternate route is necessary. Please click here for the most up-to-date route information.










Soulful Journey

Reconnect with Your Inner Self

This December, unlock the path to inner discovery and spiritual rejuvenation at Post Ranch Inn, as our ‘Soulful Journey’ week returns to Big Sur. Immerse yourself in a series of transformative sessions led by renowned practitioners, ready to guide you on a voyage toward inner harmony and personal growth.

We are delighted to welcome three soulful practitioners to Post Ranch as they host private sessions that can be added to any reservation, providing you with the opportunity to explore and delve deeper into your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Indulge in a unique opportunity to gain insights, find clarity, and reconnect with your inner self amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Post Ranch Inn.

Soulful Journey sessions are available exclusively for Post Ranch hotel guests

Wildlife at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California

Clairvoyance & Intuition


Spiritual Exploration


Sound Healing & Herbal Therapy


Spa is for the exclusive use of hotel guests.
For reservations, call +1 (831) 667-2200

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Clairvoyant Sessions

Get in touch with loved ones and guides on the other side with a session with renowned medium, Tina Powers. The soul-filled connection and experience will provide deeper meaning and understanding to our own life’s journey and to those who have crossed over.


Develop Your Intuition

Discover ways to create a safe space where you can explore your intuitive gifts. We all have ways of receiving intuitive information but are sometimes taught not to trust the information we receive. Tina will guide you to strengthen your internal voice and learn to read the signs coming to you from the spiritual world. You will leave with tools and information to help you live a more inspired and happier life.



Shaman Sessions

Native Americans have long known that we are connected to all of nature. Explore the purpose of the human journey through the Shamanic lens. Honoring Mother Nature and the four cardinal directions represented in medicine wheel, your Shaman guides a safe space for engaging the powers of nature, and inviting the ancestors’ ancient wisdom. Experience healing energy from the Big Sur Land and Spirit through Shamanic practices perfected over thousands of years. Release unwanted energy body imprints from your Energy Field to recover vibrancy and vitality, boost energy and immunity, while resetting your emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies to their natural state of health and wholeness. Return your mind, body, and Spirit to the pristine condition that Shamans refer to as the “Healed State” that is everyone’s birthright.


Couples' Shaman Sessions

Shamans realize the universal dance of duality, like day and night, masculine and feminine. Contrast is seen through this natural expression of the opposites, recognizing someone or something in relation to its opposite that can be oppositional or complimentary, depending on the level of awareness. Discover the Shamanic roadmap to transcend to a new level of synergistic sacred wholeness, while feeling balance and harmonizing with your partner.


Power Animal Drum Journey

At birth, a power animal volunteers to accompany us on our life journey. Each power animal has distinctive powers and characteristics to help support and guide us on the path of life. Through the Shamanic drum rhythms, embark on the same journey to meditative realms of consciousness that humans have traveled since time immemorial. Meet your Power Animal and discover the benefits of having an animal Spirit guide that is coupled to your Soul. This exploration is open to solo travelers as well as groups of up to twelve.



Big Sur Herbal Spirit Journey

Accessing the healing powers of nature with native and local herbal remedies, this holistic journey reconnects the physical, emotional and spiritual self as it inspires the senses. Explore the Post Ranch Chef’s Garden and forest to hand-harvest healing plants with gratitude and create an herbal smudge bundle infused with your own unique intention. Connecting with the spirit of native and ancestral herbs, learn their medicinal and historical properties, and awaken your intuitive relationship to Mother Nature. Then experience an indigenous purifying ritual with sound healing integrating a unique vibrational sound journey of crystal bowls, Native American drums and flutes, as well as aromatic plants and flowers to help empower you to be in the present, receive guidance, set clear intentions, and welcome abundance. An herbal smudge bundle is included to take home and continue self-care.


Big Sur Jade & Crystal Healing

Recharge your body and soul as you rest comfortably within a layout of energy balancing crystals, while a Big Sur Jade gemstone, polished by the Pacific Ocean, is placed on your heart Chakra to inspire intuitive insights. Receive the vibration of crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, heartbeat drums, native flutes and sacred chants. Attune to your heart center with a guided meditation, Sound Bath, and Native American smudge ritual using aromatic plants and flowers freshly harvested from the Post Ranch coastal forest and gardens. Experience the scent of cleansing Big Sur sage and fresh herbs, as you return to a grounded state of joy and reawaken your authentic connection to Mother Nature. A signature Big Sur Flower Essence Quartz Crystal Infused Mist is included to take home and continue self-care.


Sierra Mar restaurant at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California


Accessing & Trusting Your Intuition Workshop

10.00AM – 3.30PM

Join renowned medium Tina Powers for this full-day workshop where you’ll explore the healing art of accessing and trusting your intuition as your own navigation system. Recognize the signs and learn how to read them to help guide you on your soul path and purpose. Connect and learn to communicate with your guides and loved ones, including pets and wildlife. Heighten your inner knowing and tune in to your inner compass to live a more inspired and magical life. The afternoon includes lunch at Sierra Mar along with a gift bag that is yours to take home.

$670 (includes lunch at Sierra Mar and Gift Bag)



Tina Powers

A former news anchor, Tina humorously refers to her psychic work as “reporting for the other side.” Sensitive since childhood, Tina left broadcast news and tapped into the power of her intuition. Her warmth, laughter, and talent for connecting people to a higher vibration—ranging from business leaders to global celebrities—encourage happier, inspired lives.

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Sierra Mar restaurant at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California


Rob Somers

Rob Somers’ formal training in Peruvian Shamanism began after surviving Stage IV cancer, when he learned the difference between curing and healing. He attended and graduated from his Shamanic training school called “The Four Winds”. Upon graduating, he traveled to the Peruvian Amazon and learned directly from indigenous Shamans. Each year he travels to the Andes and/or the Amazon with his mentor, Shaman Jose Luis Herrerato to further his education.


Micha Merrick

Micha shares intuitive herbalism as a heartfelt communion with our living ecosystem. Based in Big Sur, she is currently an energy-medicine practitioner at Post Ranch Inn as well as a faculty member of the Esalen Institute. Micha comes from a family lineage of herbalist midwives and earth-based spirituality. Steeped in these traditions since childhood, Micha is a well loved birth doula and spiritual-midwife, supporting life’s many transitions and celebrations with reverence for the sacred. She studied herbalism at WatPo Royal Medical School, Bangcock; Bumi Sehat Natural Birth Center, Ubud Bali; Kripalu School of Yoga in the Berkshires and through personal mentorship with folk herbalists, shamanic medicine women, traditional midwives, and energy healers in Bali, Thailand, New England and California.

Plan your stay at Post Ranch Inn with our suggested itineraries
Health & Wellness Activities at Post Ranch Inn near Carmel, California
Fitness center at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California
Yoga at Post Ranch Inn near Carmel, California
Hiking Trails at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California
Forest Meditation in Big Sur, California at Post Ranch Inn
Sound Meditation Journey at Post Ranch Inn near Monterey, California

Wellness Activities & Amenities

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Fitness Center

The fitness room offers aerobic and weight-training equipment, stair-climbing machines and Peloton bikes.

Morning Yoga

Begin the day with guided yoga, breath work and balancing poses. All experience levels welcome.

Guided Nature Walk

Discover the beauty of Post Ranch on a guided nature walk around the property. Weather permitting.

Forest Meditation

Awaken the natural wisdom that dwells within through a combination of movement, meditation, and forest bathing.

Guided Sound Meditation

Journey on healing waves of sound to harmonize and attune body and soul through the vibrational harmony of crystal singing bowls, rattles, drums and more.