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6 Pillars of Healthy Living™ Program

When Post Ranch opened its doors in 1992, our goal was to create the premier, luxury, romantic getaway, bolstered by strong wellness components alongside amenities and activities designed to help guests relax and reconnect, with nature, their partner and themselves.

Over the course of the last few months we have heard from so many guests about the stress and anxiety they have experienced as a consequence of the devastating pandemic. With a growing awareness of the importance of mental and emotional health, along with the recent issuance of Monterey County’s Stay-Home order, Post Ranch has partnered with BlueWave Medicine and its founder, renowned integrative medicine physician, Dr. Brad Jacobs, MD MPH, to offer the 6 Pillars of Healthy Living™, a new wellness and stress reduction program.

Presented in conjunction with Kristine Huffman, LICSW of Hutchinson Consulting, LLC, the program revolves around Dr. Jacobs’ 6 Pillars of Healthy Living™ platform, and is designed to help guests cope with the stress of the pandemic, improve resiliency & mental clarity, optimize restorative sleep, and experience the healing quality of outdoor activities and exercise. The program offers essential travelers the opportunity to return to nature, quiet the mind and reconnect with self and partner, while utilizing wellness practices designed to focus on both mental and physical well-being.

Guests visiting Post Ranch during this time must be traveling for essential purposes as permitted by Monterey County’s recently issued “Stay-Home” order or agree to enroll in our 6 Pillars of Healthy Living™. There is no additional cost to participate and the level of participation is based on each guest’s schedule.

Program Information:

About the Program

The program includes complimentary live presentations, conducted virtually throughout the week by Dr. Jacobs, Huffman and other noted physicians and health practitioners in such areas as stress reduction, sleep, healthy eating and more. To supplement the program’s principles, guests are invited to take advantage of a myriad of optional outdoor wellness and stress reduction experiences, many of which are complimentary, while some are fee-based private sessions. These private wellness experiences range from movement meditation classes to nutrition consultations to restorative sleep instruction and more.

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About the 6 Pillars of Healthy Living

Dr. Jacobs teams with expert health practitioners to offer an array of integrative experiences to help with stress management, including nurturing, inspiring, and healing signature outdoor wellness. Dr. Jacobs provides guests with innovative solutions to improve and maintain health and vitality with his 6 Pillars of Healthy Living: Healthy Eating; Active Living; Restorative Sleep; Stress Reduction and Awareness; Connection; Passion and Purpose. Each of the live sessions throughout the week will focus on one of these pillars.

About Dr. Brad Jacobs

Dr. Bradly Jacobs is a noted integrative medicine physician and is the founder of BlueWave Medicine and the founding Medical Director of UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Jacobs works with Fortune 100 companies including Google, Alphabet, Facebook, Gap Inc., as well as both Stanford and Harvard’s Business and Medical Schools. He is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and has a Master’s Degree in Public Health, with a specialty in Epidemiology from UC Berkeley.

Learn more about Dr. Bradly Jacobs and his team by visiting his website

About Kristine Huffman, LICSW

Kristine Huffman has created exclusive wellness retreats for Canyon Ranch, Miraval, and other well-known resorts. Along with her partners at Hutchinson Consulting, she is currently working on developing wellness communities around the country. A graduate of SUNY Albany, she has extensive experience providing behavioral health services in exclusive settings. Her specialties include stress management, adventure-based counseling, biofeedback, HeartMath®- based techniques, hypnotherapy and EMDR.

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