Videos of Post Ranch Inn

Experience a glimpse into a day at Post Ranch Inn with our time-lapse videos and our short video vignettes.

Escape Through The Skies

In 2017, when roads to Big Sur were closed due to mudslides, Post Ranch was forced to get creative and transport guests in via helicopter. This award-winning video documented that experience.

Video Vignettes

Post Ranch Inn

This is the first clip of a small series of video vignettes.

Post Ranch Inn

This is the second clip of our four short video vignettes.

Post Ranch Inn

This is the third clip of our four short video vignettes.

Post Ranch Inn

This is the last clip of our four short video vignettes.

Timelapse Videos

Sierra Mar

A picturesque beautiful, sunny day in Big Sur, looking north, with Sierra Mar off in the distance. A truly perfect day here at Post Ranch.

Sierra Mar

A dramatic view of Sierra Mar, facing north, as the weather changes and clouds and fog roll in and out of the hillside.

Tree House

A day in the life amongst the trees in Big Sur, as we feature our Tree Houses, elevated above ground on stilts.

Upper Pacific Suite

A view from Gilkey, one of our Upper Pacific Suites, looking south from the deck, offering vistas of the hillside and ocean.

Peak House

Looking east on a very clear night from the deck of Brown, one of our Peak Houses facing the Ventana Double Cones.

Ocean House

Enjoy the view looking north from one of our unique Ocean Houses, hidden in the hillside, featuring a natural, living roof.

Cliff House

The spectacular, free-standing Cliff Houses offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean with this view, looking north.

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Happy New Year Videos

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year from all of us at Post Ranch Inn. May each new day in 2017 bring laughter, joy and prosperity.

Happy New Year | 2015

A short clip of our 2015 New Year’s Video.

Happy New Year | 2014

A short clip of our 2014 New Year’s Video.