Discover Original Art From Big Sur And Around The World

You’ll find artistic touches throughout your stay at Post Ranch, including sculptures, photography, architecture, and our personal favorite – the natural beauty of Big Sur.

The Post Ranch Art Gallery in Big Sur, California

The Post Gallery

The Post Gallery offers an array of black and white photography, sculptures and fine jewelry. Exhibits change throughout the year, providing the chance to display the art of talented artists in and around the Big Sur community while offering fresh and interesting perspectives from around the world.

For purchasing information, please contact us directly or shop at our online Mercantile.

OPEN SUN – WED, 10.00AM – 5.30PM


The Photography of Heather Summerz

Artist Statement

My home has always been Marin County. I have delighted in the abundance of photographic opportunities that nature has bestowed upon us here and have greedily taken advantage of them.

Currently I reside in a beguiling Redwood forest with my husband and am pleased to have a front row seat at nature’s perpetual concert.

I find myself consistently returning to the same inspiring locations, knowing that there is always more to be discovered in the unfolding flux of nature. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “You cannot step in the same river twice.”

Prior to this chapter in my life, I practiced psychotherapy for 25 years During those years, I learned that both psychotherapy and photography share a common thread: the art of discovery. In psychotherapy, it is discovering what resides on the inside, and in photography, it is discovering what resides on the outside.

I hope to introduce an emotive component to my work, promoting a lingering effect that resides beyond the visual and allows for the interplay of personal associates, it is my hope that this reflective pause engages the viewer in a temporal relationship, thereby becoming an integral part of the creative process.

For the past eight years, I have been fortunate enough to exhibit my work in local galleries, most notably Cavallo Point in Sausalito and currently at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.


The Mercantile & Gallery

Our Mercantile is part boutique, part art gallery. Step inside to find stunning color photography, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. We highly recommend the stunning photography of the immensely talented Big Sur artist Kodiak Greenwood that hangs on our walls alongside that of iconic photographer Ansel Adams.

OPEN DAILY 9.00AM – 5.00PM
‍PHONE: (831) 667-2795

The Post Gallery at near Carmel, California
Art on display at Sierra Mar restaurant in Big Sur, California


Art at Sierra Mar

While dining at Sierra Mar, one can’t help but notice the works of art both on their plate and on the walls. Art exhibits rotate several times throughout the year, always with an emphasis on local artists, along with a permanent installation of two curved steel lamps by renowned artist Albert Paley.

Post Gallery

Post Gallery

Post Gallery

Post Gallery