A Soulful Community

Post Ranch shares the commitment to community and the environment demonstrated by our operating partner, Passport Resorts and its sister properties. The San Francisco Bay Area hotel management company is known for developing and operating award-winning resorts that promote environmental and social responsibility, support sustainable development, and offer a soulful guest experience.

Pacific Ocean views at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California

Our Philosophy

Along with Passport Resorts and its sister properties, Post Ranch has always embraced the philosophy that “what is good for our earth is also good for business.” Our commitment is to take as little from the environment as possible and to give back as much as we can. All Passport resorts, Post Ranch included, share a reverence for the land, community, and local culture.‍To manifest this philosophy, we lead by example and pursue these strategies:

  • Preserve and protect the environment
  • Create a responsible partnership with the local community
  • Respect others with whom we share the land, and preserve and impart their culture
  • Inspire, educate and communicate with staff, community, guests, and others
  • Develop staff and the local economy, recognizing the impact of local employment
  • Provide opportunities for philanthropy (both guests and corporate donors)
  • Support other nonprofits with similar priorities

At Passport Resorts, we pursue what we call “holistic hospitality.” This means we engage with guests, staff, the community, and nature with intention, integrity, and respect. Today, as we see our long-held values regarding environmental stewardship and community support gain momentum around the world, Passport believes that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but work ideally together.

The Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund

When Post Ranch opened more than 30 years ago, we made a commitment to honor and support the neighbors in our community. With fewer than 2,000 full-time residents, Big Sur is a challenging place to live and work, as many services are scarce and somewhat limited. Post Ranch is deeply committed to supporting the local Big Sur area and has established the Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund to help fulfill our commitment. The fund is a testament to our belief in the power of making a positive difference in our community.

What Is The Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund?

The Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund is a “donor-advised fund”, administered by the Community Foundation for Monterey County (“CFMC”), a charitable organization qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Over the years, many of our guests who have grown to love Big Sur, have asked how they can help protect this area. Accordingly, we established this fund to provide both Post Ranch and our guests with a simple way to give back to our community.

How Does The Fund Work?

Your stay is already making a difference. Post Ranch donates 1% of our room revenue to CFMC, which then distributes the donated funds directly to local tax-qualified charitable organizations that Post Ranch recommends. Secondly, our ownership group also independently donates to help build the Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund. In addition, individual donor contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. Please see details below.

How Are The Contributions Distributed?

​Virtually 100% of these funds are directed toward charitable organizations in Monterey County, especially those in Big Sur. All funds are initially transferred to the Community Foundation for Monterey County, which in turn transmits such funds to tax-exempt charitable organizations that qualify under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fund recipients are selected by Post Ranch and amounts are then distributed. As examples of the types of organizations supported by the Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund, the following are several organizations that have previously received Fund contributions:‍


  • The Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade – The Fire Brigade provides structure fire protection for the residents and businesses in the Big Sur Area, covering 60 miles of coastline, along Highway 1, from Hurricane Point to Monterey/San Luis Obispo County line on the south with a 40-member Brigade. Learn More
  • Big Sur Health Center – The center exists to serve the health and wellness needs of the Big Sur community. It provides quality healthcare through traditional and complementary approaches that are culturally sensitive and center on patient needs. Learn More
  • Big Sur Land Trust – Big Sur Land Trust is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire love of land across generations, conservation of our unique Monterey County landscapes, and access to outdoor experiences for all. Learn More

Additional Contributions To The Community Foundation Are Tax Deductible

If you wish to make separate tax deductible contributions, you may make these directly through the Community Foundation for Monterey County using this online link Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund or through the QR code in the lobby. All contributions made directly to the Post Ranch Inn Big Sur Community Fund at the Community Foundation for Monterey County are tax deductible. Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code, donors will receive a receipt and letter confirming their tax-deductible contribution. We greatly appreciate your contributions and your generosity!