Environmental Stewardship

It is hard not to be aware of the environment at Post Ranch Inn. Our coastal getaway was designed with bio-structure architecture using the natural materials of glass, wood, stone and, when possible, passive solar heat. Efforts were made to avoid cutting down trees when the property was developed. The architects’ environmental designs were intended for people to feel a part of nature, not just observers of it.

From the moment of arrival, Post Ranch’s respect for the land and commitment to the environment is evident, as the large 990-solar panel array sits off to the left, helping to minimize the environmental impact and carbon footprint. Guests are shuttled around the property in Lexus Hybrid vehicles. Lodgings are built from sustainable materials and complement their natural surroundings. Landscaping uses native plants and is drought-resistant. Our cleaning system is biodegradable. Grounds provide habitat for the endangered Smith’s Blue Butterfly, California Red-Legged Frog, Western Pond Turtle and California Condor.

A long-time leader in responsible tourism, Post Ranch’s goal is to create a distinctive, luxurious guest experience that melds seamlessly with environmental and social stewardship.